PureQuest Technologies is a provider of Ozonated water, Ozone gas, Aqueous and Advanced Oxygen processing systems. Our equipment provides an extremely effective oxidant that is lethal to all bacteria and viruses.  PureQuest has advanced the applications of disinfection, sterilization and odor control. As an example, PureQuest has developed a solution for numerous veterinary clinic applications, utilizing the technology for fighting parvo and other emerging pathogens.

Chemical free and all natural Ozone has been used in Europe for many years in medical segment. European Hospitals and Medical centers have utilized the technology to fight Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) as an example and other emerging pathogens.  The U.S. is now beginning to embrace this proven and chemical free technology.

PureQuest Ozonated water systems can be installed into the existing plumbing infrastructure preventing contamination while implemented for hand washing, surface disinfection and deodorization.  Molds, Mildew and Fungus are destroyed and regrowth prevented in stubborn areas that are hard to get and cleaning efforts are highly improved by the use of our systems. PureQuest systems deliver a healthy and effective disinfection process for you patients, staff and visitors.

Applications in the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries.

  • Hospital and medical centers for disinfection and sterilization (devices, equipment, patient rooms, operating rooms, etc.)
  • Dental clinics for everyday use in the practice of dentistry
  • Veterinary hospitals and clinics
  • Mobile medical unit’s disinfection and water systems
  • Blood borne pathogen controls
  • Emergency water supply protection
  • Water reclamation and disinfection
  • HAZMAT protection and disposal