How It Works

Formation In Nature

Ozone is a gas which occurs naturally in our atmosphere. Ozone is created by the impact of the ultraviolet portion of the sunlight with oxygen in the earth’s upper atmosphere. It is also created naturally when a bolt of lightning burns through our atmosphere. Ultraviolet light and lightning break the O2 (oxygen molecule) into two single oxygen atoms some of which recombine into Ozone, O3 (Ozone molecule). Ozone is unstable because the third oxygen atom is held by a weak bond. That highly reactive free oxygen atom is the reason Ozone is a most effective oxidant, disinfectant and sterilizing agent.


PureQuest Technologies produces Ozone in high concentrations and introduces Ozone ‘micro-bubbles’ into a flow of water. Because the flow of water is infused with a high concentration of ozone, it destroys the outer cell membrane and kills the bacterium immediately on contact. The Ozone breaks down within 15-20 minutes into pure oxygen and leaves absolutely no chemical residue.


PureQuest’s Ozonated water will destroy bacteria, viruses, molds, spores and prions on contact with no chemical residue. None of these pathogens have been known to acquire immunity to Ozonated water.  As a result, PureQuest’s Ozonated water is a superior agent to chlorine and other chemical based disinfection systems.