About PureQuest Technologies

PureQuest Technologies develops and engineers innovative and chemical free Ozone systems for the food safety, public safety and medical segments.  Utilizing the latest in the science of Ozone, PureQuest provides a safe, green, cost effective and efficient alternative to chemical disinfection and sterilization.  We strive to achieve sustainability while protecting the environment, our clients, their employees and customers with this leading edge and chemical free technology.

PureQuest’s team has years of experience and expertise solving problems and providing solutions for clients delivering  the highest degree of creativity, quality and reliability.  PureQuest’s founder is a pioneer in innovative Ozone water applications and has developed, designed, installed and serviced over 100 Ozone water systems over the past few years.  PureQuest is committed to the highest levels of collaboration with our clients and superior customer service.

Our turn-key compact space and energy saving system integrates seamlessly into your water system.  Through our site assessment process, with full consideration of our clients’ existing infrastructure, we identify system components and tailor a solution for specific disinfection and sterilization needs.

PureQuest systems have full telemetry controls as an option which will monitor and log performance on a real time basis of all components.  PureQuest provides service programs aimed at maintaining the optimal performance and reliability delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction.

PureQuest Technologies customer process encompasses the following:

  • Perform facility site assessment to identify and specifications
  • Develop price quote and purchase options for system and installation
  • Work with quality control personnel for HACCP planning or validation requirements
  • Train key employees on operation and use
  • Follow up service and continued employee education

PureQuest’s team has a profound understanding and belief not only in the efficacy of Ozone purification, but in its promise to uplift the human condition, reduce disease and make for a safer world.